Different Types of Ready Mix Concrete in the Philippines

Different Types of Ready Mix Concrete in the Philippines

What are the different types of ready mix concrete in the Philippines?

  1. Conventional concrete
  2. High-strength concrete
  3. Self-compacting concrete
  4. Early high-strength concrete


  • There are many types of ready mix concrete available for use in construction projects. Each has its own formulation, quality, and time-saving attributes.
  • Big Ben stands out as a dependable source of concreted made from their own bactching plants in Metro Manila.

Ready mix concrete surpasses traditional mixes with its precise formulations, consistent quality, and time-saving attributes. It ensures structural integrity, faster construction, and reduced labor costs.

Therefore, the availability of diverse types of ready mix concrete in the Philippines provides a distinct advantage to builders and contractors. These specialized concrete blends are meticulously engineered to meet the unique demands of projects, ranging from high-rise buildings to intricate infrastructure.

By exploring its various types, you gain a deeper understanding of how the construction landscape can be optimized for the strength, durability, and efficiency of your projects.

Conventional Concrete

Conventional concrete refers to a mixture of cement, water, and aggregates, such as sand, gravel, or crushed stone. Its strength can be tailored to meet various project requirements, typically ranging from 1500 PSI to 6000 PSI. It forms the basic building block of construction, known for its versatility, durability, and widespread use.

This type of concrete blend provides the fundamental structure for a wide range of projects, including roads and bridges to residential homes and commercial buildings. This makes it a reliable and adaptable solution for countless construction applications.

High-Strength Concrete

High-Strength Concrete

On the other hand, the high-strength concrete is engineered for exceptional performance. It is known for its compressive strength, often exceeding 6000 PSI. This specific blend is meticulously formulated to offer unparalleled durability and structural integrity, making it an ideal choice for demanding applications, such as industrial facilities, tunnels, underground structures, dams, retaining walls, and more.

This type of concrete is well-suited for projects in challenging environments where durability is a priority. Its exceptional strength and resilience enable it to withstand heavy loads and harsh conditions, making it a top choice for projects where structural reliability is paramount

Self-Compacting Concrete

Self-compacting concrete is a specialized type designed for its outstanding flowability and ability to fill formwork, encase reinforcement, and eliminate the need for mechanical consolidation. This innovative concrete solution effortlessly flows into place, adapting to intricate shapes with ease.

It is formulated with a balanced combination of high-flowing mix constituents, superplasticizers, and viscosity-modifying admixtures. This precise blend ensures the concrete’s optimal workability, viscosity, and self-leveling properties. When applied, it seamlessly and uniformly fills every void and corner within the formwork, ensuring consistent compaction throughout the structure.

Its fluid and cohesive nature contributes to achieving a smooth, defect-free surface finish, which not only enhances construction efficiency but also reduces labor and equipment requirements

Early High-Strength Concrete

Early High-Strength Concrete

Early high-strength concrete offers a remarkable solution for projects that demand rapid curing and hardening without sacrificing the structure’s strength. It’s engineered to achieve impressive strength at an accelerated pace, making it an invaluable asset for construction endeavors.

It can reach specified strength requirements in a shorter timeframe compared to conventional concrete. This swift curing and hardening process expedites project timelines, reducing construction schedules and enabling quicker project turnover. This feature proves advantageous in time-sensitive projects, where adherence to deadlines is paramount.

Despite its rapid strength gain, early high-strength concrete maintains the highest structural standards. It ensures that the structures it forms exhibit not only swift development but also the long-lasting durability and performance required for enduring functionality.

Why Should You Choose Big Ben as Your Ready Mix Concrete Provider?

Selecting Big Ben as your source for ready mix concrete in the Philippines is a choice founded on dependability, unwavering quality, and cost-effectiveness. With a distinguished history of consistently delivering exceptional results and a firm dedication to precision, we ensure that every phase of your construction project is underpinned by excellence.

Our concrete blends serve as the foundation for diverse industries, including warehouses, residential housings, road developments, and commercial venues throughout the country. Moreover, we epitomize stringent and transparent quality control, adhering to rigorous safety measures and standards.

Key Takeaway

Understanding types of ready mix concrete in the Philippines offers versatile options tailored to your specific project needs. From conventional concrete for everyday construction to high-strength designed for challenging environments, self-compacting concrete for efficiency, and early high-strength concrete for accelerated timelines, they provide tailored solutions for various applications.

Discover the difference that Big Ben’s premium ready mix concrete in the Philippines can make for your construction projects. Our meticulously crafted, high-quality concrete is engineered to meet your precise needs, ensuring both strength and reliability. For inquiries or to explore potential partnerships, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.

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