6 Types of Batching Plants You Need to Know

6 Types of Batching Plants You Need to Know

What are the different types of batching plants?

  1. Ready mix concrete batching plant
  2. Central mix batching plant
  3. Dry batch concrete plant
  4. Mobile batch concrete plant
  5. Stationary batch concrete plant
  6. Continuous batching concrete plant


  • This article provides an in-depth overview of various batching plants used in the construction industry.
  • It explores the functionalities and applications of different types, including ready-mix, central mix, dry batch, mobile batch, stationary batch, and continuous batching plants.
  • Understanding these plant types is essential for informed decision-making and successful project implementation in the construction field.

The choice of batching plant plays an important role in determining the efficiency and success of a project. Understanding its various types is essential for industry professionals. From ensuring precise mixing components to accommodating different project requirements, these plants are diverse in their capabilities.

This article delves into the types of batching plants, providing insights into their functionalities and applications. Gaining knowledge about these plants is a crucial step toward informed decision-making.

Ready Mix Concrete Batching Plant

A ready-mix concrete batching plant is a dedicated facility designed for the precise mixing and production of ready-mixed concrete. This is customized to meet the specific requirements of construction projects.

This is equipped with essential components, such as mixers, a sophisticated weighing system, and storage silos, streamlining the production process. The concrete produced is pre-mixed, ensuring its immediate availability for use at the job site. These plants are utilized in commercial and residential projects, as well as expansive infrastructure developments.

At Big Ben, we offer the HZS 50 Concrete Batching Plant, which excels with a robust hourly capacity of 40 cubic meters. Featuring a high-performance SICOMA Mixer, it ensures efficient mixing. On the other hand, our DNS 180 Concrete Batching Plant, operates at 120 cubic meters per hour. Its BHS Sonthofen Mixer offers an effective mixing process.

Central Mix Batching Plant

A central mix batching plant is a specialized type. These efficiently combine all essential ingredients for concrete production within a single mixing drum or a central mixer.

This configuration makes it particularly advantageous for large-scale commercial and industrial concrete manufacturing, offering a high output rate and ensuring the production of consistently high-quality concrete. Its centralized mixing process enhances efficiency. This type of batching plant is an ideal choice for projects that demand a reliable and efficient concrete production solution.

Dry Batch Concrete Plant

Dry Batch Concrete Plant

This type of plant is employed to mix dry ingredients including sand, gravel, cement, and water to produce concrete. This is utilized by thoroughly mixing these ingredients in a batching plant before being discharged into a delivery truck for transportation to the construction site.

It is suitable for high-volume concrete production and finds application in various construction projects, such as pre-cast concrete manufacturing, ready-mix concrete production, and shotcrete applications.

Mobile Batch Concrete Plant

A mobile batch concrete plant stands out as a flexible and portable solution in concrete production equipment. Engineered for mobility, it can be effortlessly transported between locations, facilitating on-demand concrete production.

This plant adeptly blends components, including aggregates, water, cement, and admixtures, ensuring versatility in meeting diverse construction needs. Whether mounted on a trailer or another mobile platform, the mobile batch concrete plant is equipped to deliver concrete efficiently and is adaptable to produce standard mixes or tailor-made formulations specific to project requirements.

Stationary Batch Concrete Plant

A robust and enduring installation designed for prolonged operational use, a stationary batch concrete plant is tailored for large-scale concrete production. It offers adaptability in handling various batch sizes and configurations.

It consists of interconnected components, including mixers, aggregate bins, cement silos, and conveyor belts, all governed by an advanced control system to ensure a seamless production process. This plant may be powered by electricity and integrated with water supply systems for essential mixing operations.

Continuous Batching Concrete Plant

Continuous Batching Concrete Plant

A continuous concrete batching plant is an advanced facility designed for uninterrupted and high-volume concrete production. It operates seamlessly, ensuring efficiency and top-notch quality in producing large quantities of concrete.

This type of plant incorporates essential components, such as mixers, conveyors, silos, dust collectors, and a control system. This control system plays a crucial role in overseeing and managing the entire operation, from the precise mixing of ingredients to the delivery of the final concrete product.

With its focus on efficiency and consistency, the continuous batching concrete plant is a reliable solution for projects demanding a continuous and substantial supply of superior-quality concrete.

Key Takeaway

We’ve just highlighted the essential types of batching plants for your construction needs. From the efficient ready-mix concrete batching plant to the versatile central mix batching plant and beyond, each caters to specific requirements. Understanding these options empowers informed decisions, ensuring optimal concrete production tailored to diverse projects.

Experience the pinnacle of quality in Big Ben’s batching plants, where rigorous checks, regular testing, and certifications uphold industry standards. Contact us now to delve into your project requirements and take advantage of choosing a reliable batching plant partner in the Philippines.

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