Things to Know Before Using Ready Mix Concrete

Things to Know Before Using Ready Mix Concrete


  • This article delves about ready mix concrete, emphasizing the importance of understanding its composition and properties before using it in construction projects.
  • It explores the manufacturing process, applications, and delivery methods of ready mix concrete, highlighting its versatility and durability.
  • Different types of ready mix concrete formulations are also discussed, ensuring that constructors can choose the most suitable option for their specific project requirements.
  • Additionally, selecting a reliable and reputable supplier, such as Big Ben, ensures the highest quality and efficiency in obtaining ready mix concrete.

Before delving into any construction project, it is essential to have a solid understanding of the materials being used. Ready mix concrete, a widely used construction material, offers numerous benefits in terms of convenience, durability, and quality. However, it is crucial to be aware of certain considerations before utilizing this material.

This article highlights things to know about ready mix concrete that every constructor should be familiar with before incorporating this into their projects. By understanding these factors, not only can one make informed decisions regarding material selection, but they can also ensure the successful completion of their construction endeavors.

What is Ready Mix Concrete Made From?

What is Ready Mix Concrete Made From?

Ready mix concrete compromises of cement, water, and meticulously chosen aggregates, including graded sand and stone. While concrete and cement are commonly used, it’s pivotal to recognize that cement is derived from iron, aluminum, silicon, limestone, and shells—acting as the cohesive force in the overall composition.

The selection of aggregates, forming 60 to 75 % of the total volume, is precisely tailored to meet the specific physical requirements of diverse construction projects, resulting in a paste of optimal consistency.

How is Ready Mix Concrete Made?

The creation of ready mix concrete undergoes a meticulous process within a specialized batch plant. Its precise formulation is tailored to the exact requirements of the intended application, serving as the foundational blueprint.

Cement, aggregates, and water are methodically combined and their proportions are refined until they achieve the specific consistency mandated by the project specifications.

This manufacturing process demonstrates remarkable adaptability, seamlessly accommodating the unique demands of each application. Upon finalization, the resulting blend is systematically loaded into the drum mixer affixed to the delivery truck.

Where is Ready Mix Concrete Used?

Ready mix concrete finds its applications across an array of construction projects, including expansive civil engineering, home improvement, infrastructure, airport runways, motorways, bridges, pavements, foundational work, flooring projects, and smaller-scale projects.

Its innate qualities, including waterproofing and resistance to burning, rusting, or rotting, position it as a material of exceptional durability adaptable to various environments.

How is Ready Mix Concrete Delivered

How is Ready Mix Concrete Delivered

Delivering ready mix concrete is often executed through specialized volumetric mixers mounted on trucks. These purpose-built vehicles play a vital role in transporting concrete to the final work site, ensuring precise discharge through back discharge chutes.

In instances where direct truck access proves challenging, the deployment of a concrete pump becomes a practical and time-efficient solution. Line pumps, designed for ground-level precision, excel in smaller projects like pavements and ground slabs. Meanwhile, the versatile boom pumps, available in various lengths, shine in larger construction projects, reaching up, over, or around structures.

Their flexibility makes them the preferred choice, especially in projects requiring both adaptability and efficient pumping of substantial concrete volumes.

What Ready Mix Concrete Do I Need?

Ready mix concrete can be customized to suit various applications. Different types of formulations are available to meet specific project requirements. Here are some common types of ready mix concrete:

  • Normal Strength Concrete – it is used for general construction purposes.
  • High-Strength Concrete – contains a higher cement content and often additional additives for increased strength, suitable for structural elements requiring enhanced load-bearing capacity.
  • High-Performance Concrete – incorporates special additives and admixtures to achieve superior durability, strength, and workability.
  • Lightweight Concrete – utilizes lightweight aggregates to reduce density, making it suitable for applications where weight is a concern, such as in precast panels.
  • Self-Consolidating Concrete – designed to flow and consolidate on its own without mechanical vibration, which is ideal for complex forms and intricate structures.

    These types represent a range of formulations, each crafted to address specific construction needs.

Where Can I Get Ready Mix Concrete in the Philippines?

Securing dependable and efficient ready mix concrete is a crucial aspect of successful construction projects in the Philippines. At Big Ben, we are a reliable source of top-tier ready mix concrete solutions.

Our state-of-the-art batching plants, strategically positioned for accessibility, ensure a seamless supply chain for projects of varying scales. Choosing Big Ben as your ready mix concrete provider guarantees access to cutting-edge technology and meticulous processes, resulting in a product that meets and exceeds industry standards.

Key Takeaway

Before embarking on your project, there are things to know first about ready mix concrete. Grasping the aforementioned factors ensures efficiency, durability, and informed decision-making throughout the construction journey. Ready-mix concrete, when wielded with insight, becomes a transformative tool, laying the foundation for structurally sound and resilient structures.

Rely on Big Ben for punctual deliveries and exceptional customer service. Get in touch with us today and experience the advantages of collaborating with a premier industry supplier.

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