Manufacturing Process of Ready Mix Concrete

Manufacturing Process of Ready Mix Concrete

How is ready mix concrete made?

  1. Accurate measurement
  2. Aggregate transportation
  3. Cement transfer
  4. Water and additives
  5. Dry ingredient mixing
    Discharge and load


  • The ready mix concrete manufacturing process involves accurate measurement, meticulous transportation, and thorough mixing.
  • This systematic approach ensures the delivery of reliable and high-quality construction materials.
  • Companies like Big Ben utilize advanced technology and commitment to excellence to support successful construction projects.

The production of ready mix concrete involves a methodical process aimed at delivering a reliable construction material. This process, marked by precision, encompasses critical steps from raw material selection to the final product’s mixing and delivery.

Let’s explore the ready mix concrete manufacturing process, offering insights into their systematic procedures and considerations integral to the construction industry. Read on to learn more.

Accurate Measurement

The control room is the central operational hub in a ready mix concrete plant, overseeing precise calculations and distributing measurements to individual substations. This orchestration is vital in ensuring that each substation receives accurate and tailored data for the creation of customized concrete mixes.

By serving as the nerve center of the operation, the control room plays a pivotal role in maintaining precision and efficiency, allowing for the production of ready mix concrete that aligns precisely with the unique requirements of diverse construction projects.

Aggregate Transportation

Aggregate Transportation

Within the aggregate bins, an array of materials like coarse aggregates, fine aggregates, and other supplementary materials are stored before undergoing meticulous weighing and subsequent transport via conveyor belts to the mixing station. This crucial step guarantees the precision of quantities essential for the concrete mix.

By carefully measuring and transporting specific amounts of diverse materials, the process contributes to the uniformity, consistency, and overall reliability of the final ready mix concrete. This meticulous handling of aggregates at the initial stage plays a foundational role in producing a high-quality concrete mixture with the desired characteristics for construction applications.

Cement Transfer

Cement silos serve as exclusive storage units for cement within a ready mix concrete plant. The cement is meticulously measured and then conveyed to the mixing station. This controlled transfer is crucial for ensuring the precise integration of cement with aggregates.

It carefully manages the amount of cement introduced into the mix, which contributes to the concrete’s overall consistency, strength, and durability to meet the stringent requirements of various construction projects.

Water and Additives

Water and Additives

The introduction of water at this stage catalyzes the formation of the wet concrete mix. Simultaneously, the process includes the deliberate incorporation of carefully selected additives. These additives are chosen based on specific enhancements required, such as improved strength, accelerated curing time, or enhanced workability.

This meticulous blending process ensures that the resulting concrete is well-prepared and optimized for a range of construction applications. By thoughtfully adjusting the composition through the inclusion of water and additives, the concrete attains properties that align precisely with the project’s demands, contributing to its versatility and suitability.

Dry Ingredient Mixing

The mixing station is where a precise amalgamation of dry aggregates, cement, water, and additives takes place. This involves a careful blending process that continues until the correct consistency is achieved. It fosters uniformity and homogeneity within the mix, which are critical factors for ensuring the optimal performance of the ready mix concrete.

As a result, the concrete is poised to exhibit the desired properties or diverse construction applications.

Discharge and Load

At this final stage, the thoroughly mixed concrete is loaded into the drum mixer—a rotating vessel designed to maintain consistency during transportation to the construction site. This meticulous process ensures that the concrete retains its intended properties, guaranteeing reliability and optimal performance from the manufacturing plant to the job site.

This step safeguards the uniformity of the mix throughout transit. Therefore, the drum mixer plays a crucial role in preserving the integrity and quality of the ready mix concrete until it reaches its intended destination for construction applications.

Ready Mix Concrete from Big Ben

Big Ben, a recognized leader in the concrete industry, relies on determined leadership and a team of committed experts. This collaborative approach reinforces our commitment to excellence. Through advanced batching plant technology and stringent safety protocols, we are dedicated to supporting the timely and successful completion of your construction projects.

Key Takeaway

The ready mix concrete manufacturing process is a well-organized and efficient method that ensures consistent quality and timely delivery of concrete to construction sites. It involves precise measurement of ingredients, thorough mixing, and careful transportation to maintain the desired properties of the concrete. This process minimizes wastage, allows for customization, and enhances the overall productivity in the construction industry.

We at Big Ben uphold the highest production standards with our state-of-the-art facilities, skilled team, and advanced technology to ensure consistent quality and timely delivery. For inquiries or to explore potential partnerships, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.

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